Domestic Cleaning

Using our domestic cleaning in Portsmouth is the key to your clean home

Lovely home by regular domestic cleaning

In your everyday life, you are overwhelmed with numerous obligations. That is why, you often miss or delay some essential household chores. Even if you are used to live in a messy domestic environment, you have to admit, that deep in your heart you dream of a clean and tidy home. Dreaming is wonderful, isn’t it? The french poet Anatole France said: “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” Emma Cleaning Portsmouth is here to show you that dreams come true. Our professional services are exactly what your home needs: regular domestic cleaning. Performed by the best experts, it will bring you the flawless hygiene and order. Thus you and your family would love to spend more time together at home. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

One call on 0772 349 0914 separates you from the impeccable cleanliness!

domestic cleaning in Portsmouth

Emma cleaners – your little magicians

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Oh, your friendly personal maid has arrived, ready for action. The household chores alternate and your “little magician” doesn’t know the fatigue. All your requirements and wishes are fulfilled and the smile is always on his/her face. In addition to all that, our service is really flexible: you determine the duration of the cleaning procedure and the frequency of the visitations. Our package may be provided daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly without signing binding contracts for long periods of time. Emma Cleaning Portsmouth wins loyal clients by excellence, flexibility and accuracy. It’s more than clear, that when you’re really satisfied, you will come back.

What we deliver? 

Domestic cleaning Portsmouth ensures all these profits for your lovely home:
  • Regular cleaning of every room, sanitising and disinfecting.
  • Dusting the surfaces and the items, hoovering the carpets and the rugs, mopping the floors.
  • Our company doesn’t limit with general cleaning. Your special individual requirements will be also executed. You need ironing or doing the laundry? Entrust it to our cleaning agents! Or you have a pile of dishes – not a problem at all.
  • Working for Emma Cleaning Portsmouth must be earned and it’s not for everyone. We choose the most motivated and experienced cleaners who will work hard for your satisfaction.
Call us now and get your free quote! Make sure that here you will find the most competitive prices for domestic cleaning! Rates starting from £14.00 per cleaner per hour won’t be found anywhere else. So, take advantage of them! In return of the little sum of money, you receive so much profits. Sparkling clean kitchen appliances, shiny floors, polished surfaces, sanitised bathrooms, hoovered carpets, refreshed furniture – if you look behind that flawless cleanliness, you will discover more and more every day. You will live in a healthy and hygienic environment which will protect you and your family from dangerous disease, caused by germs and dust mites. Furthermore – your energy and feeling for spiritual comfort will surprise you pleasantly. So, don’t hesitate to get all that, the price is worth it! Try the cleaning services that make changes! Call Emma cleaners on 0772 349 0914 for stunning results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there minimum hours per visit?

A: The minimum is two hours per visit. Our cleaning lady will do as much as possible for the time booked.

Q: Do you provide the cleaning equipment and detergents?

A: We use your cleaning equipment, as most of our cleaning ladies are traveling by public transport and they are not able to carry the equipment. However if you wish we can provide the cleaning detergents for you at an additional cost.

Q: Can I have the same cleaner each time?

A: We understand the regular house cleaning service is special experience, thus we make sure that the same cleaning lady attends every time. (unless she is sick or on vacation).

Q: Can I change the day and time of my house cleaning?

A: We check with our cleaning lady schedule and if she has free slot we change the cleaning day/time at no additional cost.